Omnes Energy Team

omnes energy dr hari dharan ceo cto

Dr. Hari Dharan, CEO and CTO, is the founder of Omnes Energy where he developed the low-cost utility grade flywheel energy storage system and is the patent holder of the device. He is an expert in materials and the design of electromechanical systems and is the author of numerous papers in the field. Prior to founding Omnes Energy, Professor Dharan was full Professor at the University of California, Berkeley. Previously, he was Senior Research Scientist at Ford Motor Company's Scientific Research Laboratories and Department Manager at Ford Aerospace (now Space Systems Loral) and Communications Satellite Corporation. 

omnes energy eric martinez systems engineer

Eric Martinez, Member of Technical Staff, is responsible for system integration, power conversion, and system controls. At San Diego Gas and Electric, he worked on advanced grid-scale components and systems as well as emerging technologies for commercial and industrial customers. His expertise is in software-based control of electrical machinery including grid-tied devices. Eric has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, and he was awarded Electrical Engineer of the Year.

omnes energy tara lamont construction manager

Tara Lamont, AIA, LEED AP, is the Construction Manager/Owners Representative responsible for site and location analysis and installation. Tara comes with 30+ years of experience in the design and construction industry. She recently completed the $156 million San Francisco Veterans Building seismic upgrade and restoration. Previously, Tara had design and construction oversight over the University of California $9 billion capital program. Tara is a licensed architect and holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree with honors and an MBA.

Additional Omnes Energy personnel includes engineers specialized in mechatronix, controls systems, data acquisition software, and technicians for assembly and testing.

Partnership Opportunities

Sales Partners - Outright purchase of Omnes Energy's storage units instead of participating in a shared savings or PPA model results in an outstanding 3-5 year payback. Omnes Energy is looking for sales partners to initiate and facilitate projects with businesses through direct sales or by setting up a Shared Savings Plan or PPA agreement.

Project Partners - Omnes Energy's energy storage units costs less, provide a 10X longer life than batteries, are impervious to temperature, and is more efficient than the competition, making them ideal for large scale projects. Omnes Energy is soliciting project partners to manage large projects involving energy storage. 

Financial Partners - Omnes Energy is looking for direct investments and/or convertible debt loans to scale the manufacturing plant and to finance projects. With vertical integration and high production volumes, the price of Omnes Energy's storage device is expected to fall below $150/kWh - a level not possible with any existing storage technology.

Contact if interested in partnering with Omnes Energy.

Current Partners

Indian Energy, LLC

100% Native American Indian owned and operated, Indian Energy is committed to identifying and developing opportunities for insuring tribal sovereignty, self-sufficiency, and future long term revenue streams that provide a means to maintain the traditional tribal way of life.

Indian Energy also provides "National Energy Security Solutions" to the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Military. These solutions encompass providing renewable energy, energy security, advanced energy storage systems and microgrid control solutions.

Indian Energy provides 8(a) sole-source or 8(a) set-aside capabilities via their SBA approved Tribal 8(a) contracting vehicle, Chippewa Sustainable Solutions. Chippewa Sustainable Solutions is a partnership between Indian Energy LLC and Chippewa Tribal Industries, a wholly owned company of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians.

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