Omnes energy flywheel

Omnes Energy manufactures flywheel-based energy storage products using low cost components integrated with proprietary software. Each unit stores 200 kWh of energy and provides power up to 900 kW. The product has a 25-year lifetime warranty, high AC-to-AC efficiency, and low standby losses.

The integrated energy storage comprises the storage units, installation structures, and power conditioning equipment. The energy storage unit can be integrated with any supervisory control system using common communications protocols or can be operated in a stand-alone autonomous mode. 

Omnes Energy creates energy savings for its customers through peak shaving, load shifting, and integrating with renewable energy sources.

Energy storage is performed quietly, efficiently, and at a very low cost by storing and delivering electricity to/from the grid or renewables generation (solar, wind, tidal, hydroelectric, etc.). For off-grid installations, Omnes Energy provides low-cost power to customers through a power purchase agreement (PPA). No up-front costs are required from the customer.

Omnes Energy's mission is to catalyze sustainable energy growth by utilizing, enabling, and supporting renewable energy to replace carbon emission generation.

Omnes Energy's product uses 100% recyclable materials, contains no hazardous chemicals, and can be manufactured around the world. Omnes Energy is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.